Fuel Capacity (mending injuries)

Poetzsch,Robert E. poetzsch at uchc.edu
Fri Sep 14 05:00:28 PDT 2007

Hi Ilya,

My tibia looks much better in x-rays now than my knee looks.  Amazing
how much faster bones seem to heal with a plate and 4 screws to hold
them together!

Though now officially "retired" from racing after 11 seasons, I still
look forward to trying to get back on a race bike and turn a few laps at
the October 5th Penguin school at Loudon, NH as an instructor.  Then the
plan is to try to elevate my US Marshalls Corner Worker skills to be a
Corner Captain on Saturday and the LRRS race weekends next year.

Bob Poetzsch
LRRS/NE CCS Expert# 14
AHRMA# 981 <-- broke leg 7/29/07 at Mid-Ohio
'04 KTM SMR525 Motard
'99 Suzuki SV650 racebike
'99 Yamaha WR400F woods bike
'98 Tigcraft MZ/Yam 690 SuperMono
'98 Honda RS125 (helps me deny my real age)
'97 MuZ Skorpion 720cc Sport Cup
'96 BMW R1100RT - to convince my wife street riding can be fun?

Bob Poetzsch
Phone: (860) 679-4728
Email: poetzsch at uchc.edu
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Erik Weber wrote:
> Ilya is alive!!!

Whoa! Someone actually cares. :-)

FWIW, my femur is back in one piece and I'm back to racing. Life is

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