two questions

Architeuthis dux rg-sv650 at
Tue Sep 18 13:52:03 PDT 2007

I have a 2003, which had the fuel tank recall done on it.  There's a 
sticker on my tank that says 2005.  I then crashed and destroyed said 
fuel tank, and bought a replacement from Monsieur Clifford.  His tank 
has a sticker that says 2004.

Ignoring the slightly worrisome thought that this replacement tank is 
pre-recall and may cause me to burst into flames, there's a small 
difference in the tank: my damaged tank has an extra hose attachment 
point that the replacement does not seem to have.  Its over on the same 
side as the fuel pump connections.  I thus have a dangling hose that 
comes from the general direction of the PAIR system, via a purposeful 
looking valve or pressure thingie near the tank hinge.

Question 1: is this a difference based on year, or does it imply its a 
non-CARB tank, and if so, is it safe to just block the hose under the 
theory that its purpose is to return fuel vapors back to the tank?  My 
long-term goal is to nuke the PAIR system anyway, but that will require 
some block-off plates and a resistor as I understand it.

Question 2 (totally unrelated) Is it ok to remove the entire left 
handlebar's control pod?  A continuity test implies that if I were to 
short out the middle two connectors in the plug where the wires end up, 
I'd fool the clutch switch.

Question 3 (bonus surprise question!) While I'm nuking wires, since I 
destroyed my instrument cluster and bought a Veypor as a replacement, 
what other wiring can I safely remove?  This looks a bit more involved, 
since those wires quickly merge with a thicker harness.  (I'm a little 
concerned now about how I can read error codes from the ECU, is there a 
diagnostic port that can be used instead of the dash?)



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