Coolant leak/

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Wed Sep 19 17:15:52 PDT 2007

Any ideas on a leak appreciated.  I noticed the motor overheating two 
days ago on the track, came in and the coolant was low.  I added ( 
maybe a pint) and it was fine.  then had to add again.  Ended up adding 
maybe a pint and a half.  No idea where it is going but for sure some 
of it into the oil dammit.  drained it out today and it had the water 
and oil look, not lots but some in the oily solution that is lighter 
brown than dirty oil.   NO oil or oil smell in the radiator, water is 
clear ( water wetter.

I run the two crank vents and the rad vent to a common catch tank and 
wondered if some water from the overflow got sucked up through the 
vents.  Anyway, won't run it till I figure it out. There was definitely 
water in the catch tank. half full.


PS. the motor usually runs cool on the stock radiator.

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