Rear suspension travel

iangillies at iangillies at
Wed Apr 2 14:08:11 PDT 2008

You're also gonna need a longer clevice in order to get enough ride
height.  Unless you're running a 180 rear tire you won't be able to get
enough ride height with the stock clevice.  I have an Ohlins as well and
picked up a clevice from KC at BRG Racing.  You'll also need to retap the
hole as the thread pitch on the clevice is different.

- Ian

> For a 2000, with the Ohlins SV-specific rear shock, what is the
> max compressed travel?  I.e. how high does the rear axle swing?
> I need to determine clearances for some subframe mods I want to do,
> and I'm not sure how to do that.  I guess I could ask Phil if he
> removed the internal bumper when he set my Ohlins up, and then
> assume that the spring coil width will be the limiting factor?
> Thanks.

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