SV parts for sale/free in FL

Vero Anderson vero at
Fri Apr 11 11:32:46 PDT 2008

I've got a decent pile of 2000/2001 SV parts up for grabs in central 
Florida.  Satellite Beach, FL, to be specific.  If anybody somewhere else 
wants something, offer some money and maybe I'll ship it.  But you have to 
make it worth my while!  Bidding wars are encouraged.  Anything that 
doesn't go will get tossed in a few weeks..

I basically have one bike, but it's the remnants of two bikes, and it's in 
lots of pieces..  Here's a partial list, ask for anything else (but don't 
expect really nice stuff, the Penske's on my streetbike, for example!):

2001 frame/swingarm etc (no title, but legally purchased w/ receipts) (as 
far as I know it's straight, although it was crashed once by the prior 
owner [insurance total], and then I may have crashed it half a dozen 
times, but I never bothered to cartwheel or hit anything harder than the 

2000 motor (~60k miles, the bushing between the crankshaft and one 
connecting rod failed.  Taken apart slightly, but all the pieces are 

stock forks (lowers look like crap due to coastal FL, but fine otherwise)

Gel seat

Stock front seat

hotbodies bodywork (with stock fender, I'm keeping the fiberglass one) 
(crashed a few times, been in my attic for a few years..)

bodywork bracket (3-piece variety)

GIVI (or compatible) luggage rack, 3-bag setup (no bags) (I may keep the 
topcase bracket)

carbs (some idiot drilled out an idle screw. yeah, the whole screw. Oops)

set of wheels (I'll probably be keeping the brake rotors) (unless you buy 
the wheels)

stock tachometer (rest of the instruments don't exactly work)

black box (I can't remember what changes were made for racing, so it's up 
for grabs.  I'm keeping the voltage regulator)

blue gas tank (looks decent, but crashed, sprays a mist of race gas in 
your face under heavy braking at Daytona) (has all hardware)

And basically a bunch of other junk, if you need stock shocks or brakes or 
whatever, ask, I'll check the pile and tell you what kind of shape they're 

If you need a reference, ask Randy, he helped me put together part of this 
bike way back when in Seattle.  It's up for grabs since after I went on a 
hiatus from racing and my street bike blew its motor I combined shiny bits 
into one bike, and the rest are just taking up space.

Everything must GO!

vero at

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