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Thomas J. Fitzpatrick III celticracing at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 18:09:16 PDT 2008

Hello, everyone.  I hope this is seen as an opportunity, and not spam, and
that you take the time to think about what I am trying to share, below.


I'm Tom Fitzpatrick, also known as Celtic Racing (the original Celtic Racing
- the slow one), and I've been on the list and in the community for some
time now.  I can be reached through my cell phone at (703) 244-6739, and my
email at celticracing at comcast.net.


I've spent most of my childhood and all of my questionable adulthood
involved with bikes - riding, racing, collecting and volunteering with
numerous organizations to advance the sport and the culture.


I'm been trained and volunteered as an AMA Eagle, served on the Board of
Directors of the Mid Atlantic Road Racing Club (MARRC), announced the races
at Summit and VIR for CCS and WERA, organized the Rally in the Valley for
the local Red Cross, and done a number of other things as a motorcycle


I belong to the AMA (almost a life member - 2 more years), BMWBMW, the
Motorcycle Factory chaper of the Red Riders Group - Factory Riders, MARRC,
CCS, AHRMA, a ride supervisor of the FORPWC (Family Off Road Riders of
Prince William County) and maybe some others I can't think of right now. 


I've ridden enduros (34 years and 80 pounds ago the last time), and road
raced my GB600RR (a 1989 Honda GB500 bored out to 600, with the RR added in
recognition of the esteem my fellow racers bestowed upon me by labeling me
the "rolling roadblock" of the carousel at Summit).


Right now, I've got an SV650, 2 GB500s (one race, one street), a 1969 BMW, a
2002 HD Fat Boy, and a bunch of CB400Fs, RD350s, an SR500 and a CRF450X.


I'm committed, or I should be committed, depending upon whether you ask me
or my long suffering wife.


I retired a couple of years ago, and was determined to do something a little
different than the bean counter, program manager thing that had so long
occupied my life.  So, I got a job with Whitt's HD in Manassas, because they
gave me one.  My customer service inquiries were universally excellent,
because I would do whatever I could and spend whatever time I could to
listen, and help my clients arrive at a decision that worked for them.  I'm
happy to say that in the one season I worked at Whitt's, I never sold a
bike.  But I did help a bunch of people buy bikes, which a different thing


Now, Mark Spence and I are trying something different at the Motorcycle
Factory in Woodbridge.  On a commission only basis, I'm working part time in
the shop helping people who are considering the purchase of a motorcycle,
and I am spending the rest of my time free lancing - leveraging the
motorcycle community at large to try to develop new relationships with the
MFI.  MFI prices are hard to beat, but we also offer a 15% discount on
everything in the shop except bikes the day you purchase a bike, 10% for
life thereafter, and, I've been told 20% to members of the Red Rider
Chapter, Factory Riders.


I work most Saturday's, and other times by appointment.  I'm available every
day, through my personal cell phone at (703) 244-6739, or my email at
celticracing at comcast.net.


I would very much like to make this work for all concerned.  My motto at
Whitt's was "See Fitz at Whitt's, for Service, Value and Blarney."  I would
like to offer nothing less to the motorcycling community through the MFI.  


Mark is committed to creating the very best dealership he can, with
unparalleled service and price combining to give the best value available.


So, if you are in the market for new ride, or just like to talk about
motorcycles, I'm your man.  When I was announcing at Summit, someone asked
me how I could talk for 12 hours straight, and I told him truthfully, I just
use self control, or I talk for 13.


I really would like to transform the process by which we seek, court, and
bond with our new 2 wheeled mates.


Best regards,

Tom Fitzpatrick ("Fitz" at the shop)

Cell (703) 244-6739

celticracing at comcast.net







Tom Fitzpatrick

Celtic Racing #806


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