Clutch pushrod question(s)

Randy Grein randygrein at
Sun Apr 20 15:14:20 PDT 2008

Ensure the pushrod is seated back in the clutch basket. That is, pull  
it out from the motor a bit, sight the level it sat in before (easy to  
do, the part inside the motor will be clean and oily, outside the seal  
will be at least a little dirty with chain spooge) and make sure it  
snicks back in to the proper level.
Check that it's straight of course.
Then, making SURE the actuator is sitting correctly (can't say how  
many times I've had the inner race roll out and lose ball bearings)  
install it loosely.
Make sure the lever arm on the mechanism is roughly at a 90 degree  
angle with the clutch cable.
Now you can back off the 10mm locknut, back out the adjuster with a  
flat blade screwdriver and tighten the mounting bolts.
After that's done adjust the set screw - screw it in to just snug,  
then back out 1/8-1/4 turn.
Tighten the locknut.
Make the final adjustments with the threaded adjusters at the clutch  
lever itself and where the cable enters the engine.

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Apr 20, 2008, at 12:23 PM, Wayne Beaver wrote:

> Hi All,
> Removed my engine over Winter so that I could do cam swap with  
> engine on my
> workbench. Unfortunately, I now can't seem to get
> clutch/clutch-pushrod/transmission to work correctly. All parts  
> worked fine
> before bike was disassembled. Motor was not disassembled beyond  
> removal of cam
> covers and replacement of cams.
> Here's some more info:
> 1.
> It seems like the clutch pushrod is "sticking out" about 1/4" too  
> far out of
> left side of motor.
> 2.
> If I mount the bearing mechanism which actuates the clutch pushrod  
> flush to its
> mount point on the left side of the engine (the way it is supposed  
> to be...), I
> cannot pull the clutch lever in at all.
> 3.
> If I use spacers to mount the bearing mechanism which actuates the  
> clutch
> pushrod ~1/4" outboard of its intended mounting point, I can pull  
> the clutch
> lever, but it doesn't really do much with regard engaging/ 
> disengaging the clutch
> (It seems to push on the pushrod, and I can change gears, but when I  
> release
> clutch the bike does not move forward...)
> 4.
> With  bearing mechanism which actuates the clutch pushrod ~1/4"  
> outboard of its
> intended mounting point and bike on stand, releasing clutch with  
> motor in gear
> results in rear wheel turning. Pulling in clutch does nothing (wheel  
> keeps turning).
> I'm hoping this kind of thing has happened to someone else here and  
> that maybe
> there's some really easy, really obvious fix that I'm not seeing...
> Thanks,
> Wayne Beaver
> 99 SV Trackbike

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