more 2000/2001 SV parts in FL

Vero Anderson vero at
Mon Apr 21 14:48:57 PDT 2008

I made a finer pass through my remaining 2000/2001 SV650 parts and found 
the following that really deserve a nice home.  Make me an offer, as long 
as I get at least $10 or $20 out of the deal (after shipping) I'll 
probably take it, but I'll obviously give preference to making a few more 
bucks than sticking it all in one box for $20!  One exception is the brand 
new SVS brake master cylinder set, it will go on eBay before it goes 
anywhere for $20.

The parts:

one complete set (2 of each) spark plug coils and wires

front brake master cylinder set for SVS, brand new, never used, everything 
is sealed or caps never off.  Includes everything but the brake lever and 
brake light switch, I'd be using it except the reservoir wants to be 
bolted to a stock SVS clipon that I don't have.  Includes the tube that 
connects the master to the reservior, I just forgot it in the picture, it 
is also new, sealed in a Suzuki bag.

clutch cable for unfaired bike (the right-angle tube looks bad, but it's 
structurally sound and the cable is fine)

Woodcraft left-side rear-set bracket only (note they made two styles, if 
you're concerned what this is I can take a closer picture with 
measurements) (I think it goes with this kit: but 
don't quote me on that) (yes, I managed to destroy a Woodcraft right-side 
rear-set bracket..)

Daytona steering dampener and mounting bracket (includes mounts for the 
front of the bike, I made it work with a fairing stay with the ugly 
angle-iron bracket, the pretty one wasn't compatible with my bodywork)

speedo pickup eliminator by pit-bull

stock front brakes. These are still hooked up with brake lines as shown, I 
can seperate the calipers and master if you really want.  the master has 
some gunk visible (brake fluid is a few years old). Includes pads with a 
decent bit of life left.  Some corrosion as you can see, plus some on the 
exposed portion of the pistons that might be worth cleaning up. 
Reservoir cap isn't ground down like the one on my streetbike!  Willing to 
swap caps if you want "I've crashed!" street cred.

right-hand control box switch thing (I'll include the throttle cables, but 
notice that the plastic housing on one may be broken)

speedo pickup

clutch lever perch (no lever)

stock rear brake caliper

stock airbox

front axle

rear axle w/ spacers and bolt

left-hand control switch box thing

stock fender (that's mud on it, it's in decent shape)

The DL1000 kickstand and Ford Focus rear tire are NOT for sale.

The picture:


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