FS: Lower fairings / rear hugger

Brad Faas igofast at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 04:56:48 PDT 2008

I just acquired a 2005 SV650S with the Suzuki color-matched lower
fairing and rear tire hugger. Since the bike is being converted to a
race bike, all of the street stuff is for sale. The bodywork is in
excellent condition -- the bike only has 2800 street miles on it and
has never been down.

The color is the 2005 yellow -- sort of a bright yellow. I believe
this is a different yellow than previous years.

Lower fairing with all mounting hardware and frame sliders: $300
Rear tire hugger: $75

I also have the upper piece / headlight / tail section if anyone is in
need of replacement bodywork. The upper has a small scuffed area where
it rubbed up against something in the previous owner's garage. A bit
of touch-up paint would cover it nicely. Pics available if interested.
The tail appears perfect. All of the stock clipons, rearsets,
footpegs, etc. are also available at close-out prices. :-)


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