Painting a gas tank

John Jennings johnje at
Fri Apr 25 07:35:47 PDT 2008

(Yea, I'm way behind on my e-mail)

> Also, what's the minimum I should do to prep a
> secondary tank for a new coat of paint

Minimum? Remove gas cap, clean tank, go over it with Scotch Brite(tm) until
you don't see any more shiny spots. Wipe down with wax/grease remover, blow
off dust, paint away. It'll still be ugly (you haven't removed the sticker)
but that's the minimum you can do and still have some hope that the new
paint will stick.

A better plan would be to take something like 220 grit sandpaper and sand
through the clear coat down until you can get the stickers off. You'll
likely go through the clear/paint in some areas, so you'll wanna first paint
with a primer/sealer, then put your color on. It'll look much better for a
"race-quality" paint job.


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