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Henrik Bo Pedersen henrikbp at
Fri Aug 1 06:17:30 PDT 2008

Thanks Jo

The SV kit actually comes with a bar clamp mount, but I'll be running
clip-ons with the GSXR front, so I don't think that'll work for me. I'll se
how it looks when I get it and rig something.


on 7/31/08 10:37 PM, Jo Rhett at jorhett at wrote:

> They sell a bar clamp mount too.
> On Jul 31, 2008, at 10:07 AM, Henrik Bo Pedersen wrote:
>> Looks like a great deal.
>> Has anyone mounted one of these on a 2005 GSXR top tripple clamp?
>> Other
>> mounting ideas for a '99 SV with a GSXR front end and no fairing
>> bracket?
>> Thanks
>> Henrik

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