How to fix tank overflow tube

Wendell Crain wendell_crain at
Mon Aug 4 04:33:52 PDT 2008

It is a 1st gen. Actually we are not doing the WERA events, it is a local club to Ohio. It is Fasttrax and we race pretty much only at Nelson Ledges in Garrettsville. I appreciate the offer Steve!

> Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 21:59:20 -0400> From: stevebrunton at> To: sv650 at> Subject: Re: How to fix tank overflow tube> > On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 9:39 PM, Wendell Crain <wendell_crain at> wrote:> > Mmmmm...Well thanks for the info. I'll look to see if anyone in my little berg can braze/weld a gas tank. Somehow I doubt it. Anyone got a gas tank they'd part with?> >> > 1st gen or 2nd gen tank? I've got a 2nd gen tank sitting here (blue)> in pristine condition that has a nice layer of dust sitting on it. I> can get it up to Summit probably by Thursday (assuming that is the> endurance race you are talking about). I'm not flying in until Friday,> but I'm working on getting an ez-up up there too.> > -steve
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