How to fix tank overflow tube

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Mon Aug 4 15:15:12 PDT 2008

Thanks Zoran. Another list member has come through with an extra tank, so now I can take my time fixing this one.

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> inlarge hole where it broke off,pull pipe up through it,fill it with JB weld 
> around and stick pipe in JB weld.
> you can also close hole all together and plug pipe on bottom of 
> tank.eliminate pipe all together.
> only reason it is there is for fuel to drain out of area around cap if you 
> spill it.use towel in such case :)
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> I know I have seen this somewhere, either here or on but cannot 
> remember. I have done some searches, but must not be using the right 
> keywords to pick it up. Or not recognizing it. Anyway, I found today in 
> changing my gas cap that the drainage tube that is welded to recess of the 
> area the cap sits in has broken off the top of the tank. Can anyone point me 
> in the direction of fixing this quickly? We have an endurance race next 
> Saturday, the 9th, and the kids are doing sprints on the next day. If it is 
> not an easy or quick fix, my thought was to get a small bolt and nut with a 
> couple rubber washers to seal off the opening. Then pinch closed the tube 
> inside the tank. This could cause an issue with water around the cap because 
> it would have no where to go, but I am kind of limited in options. The only 
> other thing would be if someone had an extra tank they wanted to get rid of 
> and could ship out quickly.
> Thanks!
> Wendell
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