Jo -- Oddysey?

iangillies at iangillies at
Thu Aug 7 13:22:48 PDT 2008

The Chevy Astro is the way to go for smaller track vans.  You can haul two
bikes plus gear with ease.  Resale is in the toilet right now so you can
pick up used ones for a song (some links below).

The Honda makes for a good track vehicle, but resale on those is a bit
higher and mileage isn't significantly better, at least not enough to
justify the increased price tag.  The Astro is fairly bullet proof and
200k miles on a motor with no serious maintenance issues is pretty normal.
The starter is the only major thing I've had to replace so far (at 120k

I highly recommend the passenger van however.  Cargo vans tend to get
punished and mistreated by people who think of them as fleet vehicles.  A
passenger van driven by a soccer mom tends to get babied by comparison.  I
bought mine from an old woman who used it to deliver flowers.

Also, once the seats are removed you can use the seat mounts for tie down
points.  It's about the same length as an average sedan, so it's easy to
park and mileage averages out to 18mpg...20-21 on the highway at around

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