Astros [WAS: Jo -- Oddysey?]

Randy Grein randygrein at
Thu Aug 7 20:24:36 PDT 2008

Um, you're talking about baseball here - a sport so dull they have to  
get people up and move about in the 7th inning stretch. A sport so  
easy 45 year olds can compete at the highest levels. A sport so slow  
the infield talks to themselves just to stay awake. A sport so dumb  
the officials still think the knee is just above the ankle. (grin)

How about that Rossi!

Randy Grein, WMRRA #41

On Aug 7, 2008, at 7:37 PM, Donlon McGovern wrote:

> Just look at the record, just look at the record. Power at the bat,  
> depth in the bullpen and fabulous defense....egads, what am I doing!  
> defending the cubbies...How bout them White Sox!
> dm
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Beth" <hacktastic at>
> On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 3:48 PM, D McG  wrote:
> Forget the Astros, how bout them Cubs!!
> O_o
> The Cubs?
> o_O

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