Calling all pedants - was Re: Astros [WAS: Jo -- Oddysey?]

Jim Stewart js at
Thu Aug 7 21:20:14 PDT 2008

Donlon McGovern wrote:
> Just look at the record, just look at the record. Power at the bat, 
> depth in the bullpen and fabulous defense....egads, what am I doing! 
> defending the cubbies...How bout them White Sox!

OK, Don, time to go to work. Your research skills are certainly honed much 
sharper than mine. It's time to find that wonderful article originally published 
in the Chicago sports pages that explained why the Cubs were doomed in '89. 
Before the fact.

You know the one - we've talked about it.

Quoting inaccurately from memory:

"Life is failure - ultimately it ends in death. That's why there are graveyards, 
and that's why there's Wrigley Field."

The Cubs were destroyed by the Giants in the '89 playoffs. And then there was 
the earthquake.

A Google search on "Wrigley Field graveyards" goes nowhere, although evidently 
it was built on a graveyard. Sic transit gloria mundi.

We *need* to find that original brilliant article!



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