heli-coil for passenger pegs?

Ilya A. Kriveshko ilya.kriveshko at verizon.net
Tue Aug 19 14:31:33 PDT 2008

Helicoil (or equivalent) approach works best for fixing stripped threads
holes of substantial length. Like blind stud holes in a casting, or
through holes in a thick base material. This approach may also work for
sheet metal holes, but if the thickness of the base material is less
than the length of the helicoil insert, you may start having issues with
it coming out when repeatedly removing/reinstalling the fastener.

My preferred approach for fixing a stripped thread in thinner stock is
either a) drill and tap it for the next larger size thread, or b) use a
captive nut insert (e.g Nutsert or equivalent), or c) drill out the
thread and use an original thread size nut on the opposite side. If I
feel like pulling out a welder, I'll zap a couple of TIG spot-beads on
the nut so it stays put.

You can always try the helicoil approach first, and if it doesn't work
out, resort to the next set of options.

Any auto-parts store will have a selection of thread repair kits.

If you wanted to get generic captive nuts or Nutserts, you could order
them from mcmaster.com, mscdirect.com, grainger.com, etc.

David Chamberlin wrote:
> I'm having trouble with my mail, so apologies if this goes out twice.
> Hey,
> It appears that the hole where the rear passenger pegs screw into the
> frame is stripped.  Normally I wouldn't care so much except that
> that's where the frame for my givi luggage attaches.  Looking at it,
> it looks like it's basically just a regular nut that's welded/encased
> onto the frame.  Is it possible to use a heli-coil in this scenario?
> If so, anyone know of local places to pick up a heli-coil kit?  Would
> Kragen's have it?  OSH, home depot, ... ?
> This is on an '03 nekkid.
> -Dave

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