Cheap Mods

David Ingram dlingram at
Tue Dec 9 18:19:46 PST 2008

Thanks for all of your input. I have been racing the poor thing since 2000
and am tired of catching guys in the twisty bits just to be left behind on
the strait. The engine is completely stock even the valve clearances
haven't moved in 8 years. Over the last couple of years my lap times have
not improved so I thought I'd just throw money at the problem.

How about VP fuel?

The cam replacement is that the exhaust cam put on the intake side? Does
anyone have a cam?

Does anyone have a M4 Exhaust?

I am also looking for a radiator. It leaks just below the mounting bracket
on the left side. The local radiator shop said they would probable destroy
it trying to fix it. Stop leak hasn't worked either.

Thanks again for your help.

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> > If you want to lower your laptimes, forget about HP as hard
> > as that is to do and get your suspension sorted out.
> And don't forget to adjust the wingnut between the handlebars and the
seat.  :)
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