base gasket

Ernest Montague afm199 at
Fri Dec 19 20:52:13 PST 2008

Anyone ever eliminate the base gasket and use that Permatex Purple 
gasket maker? The stuff that sets up into a fairly stiff gasket? I used 
to do that on my Nortons, they were hard on base gaskets and the 
Permatex never leaked.

The reason I ask is I would get 7 thou less height which would work out 
well the way I am looking at it.

deck height stock piston= 17 thou plus 8 thou base gasket =25 thou
head gasket = 16 thou with two layers and 24 with  with 3 layers.

Total piston to head on stock setup is 25 plus 24 or 49 thou.   
Eliminate one layer of head gasket, it is 42 thou

with two layers and no base gasket I am seeing 35 mm piston to head 
clearance, which is perhaps a bit tight but maybe not..



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