rearset adjustment preference?

Erik Weber yoober at
Sat Feb 16 12:24:13 PST 2008

Are you asking which people would like better, holes or sliders? I've
never tried the slider type so I couldn't say.

2.5 inches up and back from the stock *naked* position doesn't seem
like that much to me, I'm a little surprised by what Ernie said. I
think that's 1.5 inches up and back from stock "S" position, right? I
would use every bit of that. I already use 1.0 inches up and back from
stock "S" position, my rear ride height is up, what, 1.5 inches or so
with the Penske and I still drag pegs before using all of the rear
tire (it's pretty close though). So it seems one more half inch in
either direction is not absurd. Hope I've got my numbers right.

What also is important to me is choice of pegs. I like aftermarket
pegs that are still mounted with the OEM spring returns. I like being
able to drag the pegs just a tad without worrying about it.

I don't think I'm a typical customer so you should solicit more opinions. :)


On 2/15/08, matthew patton <pattonme at> wrote:
> which do you folks prefer in a rearset?
> infinate adjustability from stock SV-N to a little over 2.5" back and
> 2.5 up vs adjustable range from stock SV-N raised 15mm to 2.5" back and
> 2mm shy of 2" up?
> I just wondered which had more appeal.
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