Recommendations on foldable one-rail motorcycle trailer?

Beth hacktastic at
Wed Feb 20 10:52:40 PST 2008

Hey all,

Thanks in advance for your good or bad advice. ;)

I'm selling my pickup and putting a hitch on my Toyota Corolla. I
don't have a ton of room in my garage so I'm in need of a foldable
motorcycle trailer. I've looked a few reviews of various makes and
models of said trailers. In addition to researching reviews, I'd like
to get some info/opinions/reviews/rants/raves from anyone here who has
used one of these contraptions.

I don't plan on hauling anything heavier than my SV650 or my DRZ. This
trailer is for the occasional "busted bike needs to be hauled to Jim's
for help" or "need to trailer bike to track for a track day" sort of

Again, thanks!


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