Recommendations on foldable one-rail motorcycle trailer?

Andrew Groeber groeber.2 at
Wed Feb 20 20:13:45 PST 2008

I have used my el cheapo Harbor Freight model 90154(I think) for a few 
years now.  Not a MC specific trailer, but it is cheaper than most I 
have seen.  it can often be had for about 200 on sale, also sign up 
for their email updates/catalogs, and you will often receive a coupon 
good for 10 or 15% off any single purchase.  sweet bargain.

My gti tows it just fine, though I have a CRV on order to go with the 
child I have on order(not Angelina Jolie style, this is in my wife's 

Back on topic.

Miller Lite is tasting good tonight.

anyhow, all you need to add to the kit from harbor freight is about 5 
hours assembly, a full sheet of 3/4 ply, and some tie down anchors
(unless you're feeling lucky and use the 2x4 stake pockets...

oh, you'll also want to pick up a spare tire/wheel to keep on the 
trailer.  Never needed mine, but you never know..
In addition, I think with staggering, 2 bikes could likely fit side by 
side.  1200lb capacity.  


> Hey all,
> Thanks in advance for your good or bad advice. ;)
> I'm selling my pickup and putting a hitch on my Toyota Corolla. I
> don't have a ton of room in my garage so I'm in need of a foldable
> motorcycle trailer. I've looked a few reviews of various makes and
> models of said trailers. In addition to researching reviews, I'd like
> to get some info/opinions/reviews/rants/raves from anyone here who 
> used one of these contraptions.
> I don't plan on hauling anything heavier than my SV650 or my DRZ. 
> trailer is for the occasional "busted bike needs to be hauled to 
> for help" or "need to trailer bike to track for a track day" sort of
> thing.
> Again, thanks!
> -Beth

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