Recommendations on foldable one-rail motorcycle trailer?

Wade Bartlett wade.bartlett at
Thu Feb 21 06:35:44 PST 2008

Andrew Groeber wrote:
> I have used my el cheapo Harbor Freight model 90154(I think) for a few 
> years need to add to the kit ...about 5 
> hours assembly, a full sheet of 3/4 ply, and some tie down anchors...
> oh, you'll also want to pick up a spare tire/wheel to keep on the 
> trailer....

I had a version of that 4x8 trailer for several years, but in the 
non-folding flavor. I know that's not what you asked about, but most of 
my experience should translate: I think I paid $300 for it 11 years ago. 
I would reiterate the spare tire idea.  The first time I blew a tire, I 
upgraded to two larger wheels, and kept the old small one for spare. 
Two bikes fit, but if they were big (like a pair of SVs or ZX6s), the 
rig was clearly taxed. I found that the trailer frame was so flexible 
that when I tied off against the front corners I deflected the frame 
physically upwards too much for comfort, so I added a 4' long piece of 
4"x4" angle iron across the front to stiffen it. Drilled a couple holes 
for the tiedowns in the upright web of the angle, and essentially did 
away with any frame flexing at the front when I snugged things down. My 
kit came bare metal, so I painted it all before I assembled it (grey and 
black was what I had at the time), and I'm sure that that exercise is 
part of why it's still in use (though now it carries my dad's garden 
tractor instead of my bikes).  It was a little overtaxed with two 
streetbikes on it at once, or with an EX500 crated up and 900lb of 
spares, but it handled single bikes fine.
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