not using the fuel 'pump'?

matthew patton pattonme at
Fri Feb 22 13:11:00 PST 2008

I'm almost there with my bike being put back on the road after 9
months. the carbs were flooded with water and totally corroded etc.
anyhow, I decided to sidestep the fuel "pump" in the G1 bikes since it
was also rather trashed by the water.

With the tank raised at several inches above resting, the bike appears
to run fine (for a few minutes at least). But when I lower the tank all
the way it cuts out shortly thereafter and acts like it's starved of
gas on restart until I raise the tank again. Is gravity and the
pressure differential really that big of a deal on the SV? None of my
prior bikes needed a "pump" but they were all in-line one, twos, threes
and fours.

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