Recommendations on foldable one-rail motorcycle trailer?

Marcus Andre Worsley dawerz at
Sat Feb 23 13:21:38 PST 2008

Checkout  I got mine for under $1000 back in 2002 -2003 and its still running strong.  It tracks like an arrow on the freeway (even at 90+mph from what i've heard).  I've used it to take my SV650 from here to NY and back at least twice with no problems.  I even ran over a deer with it in tow and it was in better shape than my car!  The thing is solid.  Loading and unloading is easily a one-man job.  It also folds easily and is not too big or heavy to stick in the elevator, take it upstairs, and put on my little apartment patio.  I really don't have any complaints.  Plus they are made locally (Richmond) and the owner has always been good about customer service from my experience.  
Hope that helps,

Beth <hacktastic at> wrote: On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 11:05 AM, Ernest Montague  wrote:
> the cheapest is a harbor freight foldable.  Baxley makes a nice one for
>  $2k

I'm looking for a balance of quality and decent price, preferably
under $1000. Doable?

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