sharkskinz rear on stock subframe

Erik Weber yoober at
Sat Feb 23 14:23:46 PST 2008

Yes, but it's a bitch of a fit because of the grab handles and other
things sticking out past the sides of the subframe (there is something
that looks like a heat sink that I recall being in the way, can't
remember what it is).

I ended up sanding/shaving a little material off the underside of the
tail where it goes over the grab handles. Then I ended up moving some
of the wiring and other stuff that sort of hangs off the side of the
subframe so that they were inside the subframe. This wasn't difficult.

It'll work with a little effort.


On 2/23/08, james smith <sgwabd1971 at> wrote:
>  will a sharkskinz tail for a ist gen sv fit with the stock subframe?
>  thnaks
>  j
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