Recommendations on foldable one-rail motorcycle trailer?

Jake Meyer meyerjme at
Sun Feb 24 16:30:55 PST 2008

Hello all!  I've been on the mailing list for a few months (just bought my
first bike - '07 650S - in September) and now I need a new daily driver.  I
was thinking about a truck when this thread was started and I figured I
would jump in.  I don't need a truck for much more than moving the
occasional furniture load, mulch bags, trips to the junkyard, and now the SV
(I plan on picking up a 67 GTO in the next 5-7 years, but that will have to
be with another truck :) ).  Is it a total inconvenience to put the bike in
the bed?  I have a friend who said he has seen people trailering their bikes
to the track w/ a Tacoma (the truck I am leaning toward), but I want to stay
well within the range of my trucks towing/hauling capacity.  Any comments?
Feelings toward towing a bike with a new Tacoma?  Thank you all for your


On 2/23/08, Marcus Andre Worsley <dawerz at> wrote:
> Checkout  I got mine for under $1000 back
> in 2002 -2003 and its still running strong.  It tracks like an arrow on the
> freeway (even at 90+mph from what i've heard).  I've used it to take my
> SV650 from here to NY and back at least twice with no problems.  I even ran
> over a deer with it in tow and it was in better shape than my car!  The
> thing is solid.  Loading and unloading is easily a one-man job.  It also
> folds easily and is not too big or heavy to stick in the elevator, take it
> upstairs, and put on my little apartment patio.  I really don't have any
> complaints.  Plus they are made locally (Richmond) and the owner has always
> been good about customer service from my experience.
> Hope that helps,
> marcus
> Beth <hacktastic at> wrote: On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 11:05 AM,
> Ernest Montague  wrote:
> > the cheapest is a harbor freight foldable.  Baxley makes a nice one for
> >  $2k
> I'm looking for a balance of quality and decent price, preferably
> under $1000. Doable?
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