review of the e-racing fairings for sv650

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Mon Feb 25 11:30:07 PST 2008

The cheapest fairings you can but for the 2nd Gen sv650 are the e- 
racing fairings.  Obviously they weren't going to be sharkskin  
quality, but I figured for $345 shipped why not try them out?

First, they do come primered and read to paint.  After having painted  
mine though, I think that next time I'll sand them down a bit with  
800-grit wet sandpaper first.

After panting, I tried mounting them.

* The race tail is a perfect fit.  There were little indents where  
you should drill them out, and they were dead on.  I pulled it on,  
drilled two holes exactly where the little indentations were and  
screwed it down.  2 minutes total install.

* The fender is also a perfect fit.  Drilled holes where indentations  
where and screwed down.  2 minute install.

* The upper fairing fit on the stock and Vortex fairing bracket  
perfectly.  The indentations were dead on for both the windscreen and  
the fairing bracket.  However as the fairing goes back to the rest of  
the bike, it gets really fat.  This confused me until...

* The lower fairing is Huge.  I mean seriously, the lower fairing  
needs to be put on a diet.  If you sit it down beneath the bike, it  
sticks out 6 inches on each side of the bike.  When you drill out  
holes for the djus fasteners, you actually have to pull the lower  
fairing together to slim it up enough to mount.

The best I can think is that they re-used the GSXR lower fairing on  
the SV650, so they flared out the upper fairing to make it fit.

Lastly, the upper and lower fairing are the only place you have to  
drill holes without guides.  As this requires mounting up the  
fairings and holding them in place, it's a bit of a PITA.  These  
fairings would be much, much improved by coming with the upper and  
lower pre-drilled with djus fasteners installed.

Obviously I have no idea how well they crash :-)

Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
#553 WERA / AFM

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