review of the e-racing fairings for sv650

Erik Weber yoober at
Tue Feb 26 10:59:41 PST 2008

Cool. I hope they work out, I was just giving you a heads up.

My bodywork consists of a homemade lower, a Sebimoto front and a
Sharkskinz tail. Those are listed in order of quality. :)

The front is actually a perfect replica and I would buy another one,
but man the Sharkskinz really is more substantial without being any

I was really afraid my lower was going to drag because I purposely
tried to make it as low as I thought it could go without dragging. I
got lucky and it doesn't drag (or if it does it's not even bad enough
to ruin the paint). But a little smoke comes off it each time from the
exhaust burning the tin foil liner (don't ask). :)

On 2/25/08, Jo Rhett <jorhett at> wrote:
> On Feb 25, 2008, at 12:29 PM, Erik Weber wrote:
>  > Keep in mind that if the mold really is a GSXR lower to watch for
>  > dragging (I remember reading about people experiencing dragging
>  > bodywork after retrofitting a GSXR lower to an SV because of the
>  > width).
> There's more ground clearance than my '02 used to have with
>  Sharkskinz bodywork.
>  --
>  Jo Rhett /  velociRaptor Racing
>  #553 WERA / AFM

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