Donlon McGovern mcgovern at hevanet.com
Mon Jan 14 15:14:34 PST 2008

From: "Ernest Montague"

 Only the best for Zoran  :)
We used to buy it buy the case when I was at school in the early
 sixties.  Nasty stuff  :(  Better than Brew 102, though. The joke on brew 
102 was if you opened 102 bottles there were 102 colors.  It seemed funny 
I can still hum the commercial tune for Brew 102.. "More than 100 beers we 
did brew"..but then I can also play the tune to the Hamms beer add "from the 
land of sky blue wa-aters" on my Lakota flute....when I was in high school 
in LA (1950-54) the cool brew was called Champale..a delightful melange of 
champagne and ale..came in little stubby cans. Not only produced a sublime 
buzz but left you with a blinding hangover.

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