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Thu Jan 17 14:36:27 PST 2008

I use the woodcraft highmount ones and they work well for me.  They  
also have another set that's not as high but the same distance  
back.   All interchangeable parts.

On Jan 17, 2008, at 2:20 PM, Erik Weber wrote:
> Thanks a lot Jo, I will take a look.
> Yeah, it's a real battle for me between peg height and knee comfort
> too. I have a 33-inch inseam. I rode (or tried to ride at least) on an
> AMA racer's 600 not long ago (it had no seat, just a pad) and I felt
> like a pretzel. I later measured the distance from top of seat to pegs
> and my SV was 2 full inches more. I was told that pro racers don't use
> seats. What the hell does Ruben Xaus do? :)
> On 1/17/08, Jo Rhett <jorhett at> wrote:
>> On Jan 17, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Erik Weber wrote:
>>> I have adapters, 1 inch up and 1 inch back. The most I've seen
>>> rearsets offer is 1.5 inches up and 1 inch back (or was it 1 inch up
>>> and 1.5 inches back?). I guess that half inch will maybe make the
>>> difference. But, unlike everyone else I guess, I like my folding  
>>> pegs.
>>> I haven't seen any rearsets that let you keep the stock (or OEM
>>> replacement) pegs. Maybe I should look again.
>> Oh there are others that go higher.  PP Tuning, OSF and Vortex are
>> all adjustable and will go significantly higher than that.  I'm
>> having trouble getting the Vortex low enough to make my knees happy.
>> As far as stock pegs, get the Woodcraft high-mount rearsets.  They
>> work with stock everything except the longer shift bar.
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