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Thu Jan 17 14:39:37 PST 2008

My only complaint about the Woodcraft rearsets are that the pegs are 
absolutely unforgiving on shins.  Maybe I'm just a spaz, but man, I'm 
constantly hitting 'em.


Jo Rhett wrote:
> I use the woodcraft highmount ones and they work well for me.  They also 
> have another set that's not as high but the same distance back.   All 
> interchangeable parts.
> On Jan 17, 2008, at 2:20 PM, Erik Weber wrote:
>> Thanks a lot Jo, I will take a look.
>> Yeah, it's a real battle for me between peg height and knee comfort
>> too. I have a 33-inch inseam. I rode (or tried to ride at least) on an
>> AMA racer's 600 not long ago (it had no seat, just a pad) and I felt
>> like a pretzel. I later measured the distance from top of seat to pegs
>> and my SV was 2 full inches more. I was told that pro racers don't use
>> seats. What the hell does Ruben Xaus do? :)
>> On 1/17/08, Jo Rhett <jorhett at> wrote:
>>> On Jan 17, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Erik Weber wrote:
>>>> I have adapters, 1 inch up and 1 inch back. The most I've seen
>>>> rearsets offer is 1.5 inches up and 1 inch back (or was it 1 inch up
>>>> and 1.5 inches back?). I guess that half inch will maybe make the
>>>> difference. But, unlike everyone else I guess, I like my folding pegs.
>>>> I haven't seen any rearsets that let you keep the stock (or OEM
>>>> replacement) pegs. Maybe I should look again.
>>> Oh there are others that go higher.  PP Tuning, OSF and Vortex are
>>> all adjustable and will go significantly higher than that.  I'm
>>> having trouble getting the Vortex low enough to make my knees happy.
>>> As far as stock pegs, get the Woodcraft high-mount rearsets.  They
>>> work with stock everything except the longer shift bar.
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