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Green Death was a Ranier product brewed out of Seattle.  Lager beer but 
brewed to around 17 Plato or 7% ABV. Historically around 25 IBU but 
lowered in the 70's.  Mickeys was a Heileman (Milwuakee) product.  Only 
around 15 Plato.  No where near as strong.  Both are holdouts from 
regional breweries that dominated the pre- and post-war era untill the 
late 50's/early 60's.  The beauty of the Big Mouth was eponymous -- it 
was originally packaged in 11oz bottles with a large pull-tab  revealing 
a massive opening-- stuff went down like from a beer bong.

Heilmans ended up buying Ranier around 1985, and subsequently Heilmans 
got bought by Miller.  So it goes.  As a freshman in college in Seatle, 
I wnet on my fair sahre of free tours at the brewery just south of 
downtown.  It was a sad day when it closed.

Ernie -- horrible is entirely in the mouth of  the beholder...

Ernest Montague wrote:

> Rainer and mickey big mouth. both tasted horrible but they gave you a  
> buzz.
> On Jan 18, 2008, at 6:51 PM, Jim Stewart wrote:
>> Donlon McGovern wrote:
>>> From: "Jim Stewart"
>>> How the mighty have fallen. Doesn't anyone remember Green Death?
>>> -js
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>>> --------------- If you're referring to Absinthe or Pernod, I 
>>> haven't  had any since I got drunk with Vincent and damn near lost 
>>> an ear in  the process...
>>> dm
>> Nothing so exotic as absinthe. Sigh. Nobody remembers.
>> Green Death was Rainier Ale. About 6.5% alcohol. We used to drink it  
>> by the quart...
>> -js
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