520 Conversion?

Ernest Montague afm199 at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 29 17:49:47 PST 2008

You can get any sprocket made any size, pretty much.  520, 525 stock, 
530, 630 whatever

with 13k you need to replace both sprockets and the chain.

On Jan 29, 2008, at 5:41 PM, David and Sumudini Guyer wrote:

> Been quiet, so here's a bit of a noob question...
> I recently got a 46-tooth sprocket.  I have 13K+ on my stock sprockets 
> and
> chain, so conventional wisdom seems to imply I should replace them all 
> at
> the same time.  Okay, I got that.
> Does it make sense to do a 520 conversion?  Am I right that the rear
> sprocket only comes in a standard width, or could I have a 530/540 (or
> whatever) rear sprocket?
> In short, what's the story here?

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