SPAM: WTB M4 Can/Mid pipe

Mike Carter, Jr. wacky_woodchuck at
Tue Jan 29 18:34:12 PST 2008

Anyone have an M4 can they want to sell?  Actually I am looking for any can with a 2 1/4" inlet size, in any shape.  Rashed, but useable is fine.  If you have a race mount of a M4 mid-pipe I'll take that as well.

Sorry for the SPAM..but figured the Race list is the best place to check for this.

I am trying to turn my street SV into a nice track bike.  I currently have dual high mount Ti Renegades on there.  They are great for the street...but I loose  6hp up top to an M4 system.  I secured a set of M4 headers and just need to piece the rest of the system together.  I know I can get a midpipe from M4 for around $77...but figured I'd try here first.

Email me direct to this address.

Thanks a bunch guys.


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