clip-ons for first gen

Erik Weber yoober at
Thu Jul 3 14:37:49 PDT 2008

Well, I dun it again and now I need new clip-ons.

Unfortunately I turned the bolt too tight. Does anyone know what the
torque is so that if you lowside, the clip-on will just rotate instead
of snap off? In other words, the loosest it can go without having to
worry about it moving when you are pushing on it. I found this before
but never knew what the torque actually was. Last weekend I was trying
to be better safe than sorry and tightened them down really tight. I
remember thinking to myself, these are going to snap if I crash.

What clip-ons should I get? I like the stock ones. Can I make any
significant improvement to the bike with aftermarket ones? Will they
be SS legal?

I also need a throttle housing (or at least the kill switch broke off)
and a right footrest bracket for S model, if anyone wants to part with

I also now need a new can. I have the Hindle slip-on (sounds friggin
awesome). Anyone have a Hindle full system or Leo Vince full system,
for a first gen, that he is willing to part with? I would pay a good


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