ignition fuse not failed but problematic?

Brian R. Jones bjones at castlejones.net
Mon Jul 7 10:43:08 PDT 2008

I've had the fuse vibrate loose before. In my case though when it came loose 
but not completely out, it started arcing enough that it actually melted the 
fuse case.  It was very obviously the problem.
Fuse never blew though.

> From: Jo Rhett <jorhett at fastlizardracing.com>

> Okay, this is weird.  At Thunderhill a few weeks ago I had the sv650  
> just gutter to a stop coming out of turn 12.  I managed to get it to  
> gutter into the pits and then walked to my van.  Hitting the starter  
> kicked the engine over, it stank of fuel but it wouldn't run.  Since  
> this was my expected last lap of the last session of the day, I just  
> took it home.
> Today I propped up the tank and went through everything.  I couldn't  
> find anything wrong -- carbs synced, lines tight, vacuum lines in  
> place, petcock operating, spark plugs still nearly brand new.  WTF?
> Finally I looked at the fuses.  Not a single fuse looked bad.  Out of  
> desperation I swapped out the ignition fuse... and voila! bike kicks  
> over and starts up nearly instantly like nothing was wrong.
> I tested, and without the fuse the bike wouldn't even try to kick over  
> so the fuse itself hadn't fully failed.
> Was this coincidence?   Or is it possible that a fuse would fail  
> somewhat but not entirely?  Is there anything else to examine here to  
> find a clue?


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