First Generation Gas Cap Needed

John spam at
Tue Jul 15 12:26:14 PDT 2008

> Someone put crazy glue in the lock of my gas cap (the bastards!), and
> I need to replace it--anyone out there have one to sell?  For a 2000
> naked.
> Thanks,
> Gregg Wagner

If you replace the gas cap lock, you would probably replace the ignition and 
seat lock as well, assuming you want to continue using one key. I think 
replacing the ignition lock is a pain.

I would try getting rid of the crazy glue with a chemical solvent or heat. I 
googled remove crazy glue, and the recommendations seem to be:

1) Nail polish remover (a not-so-concentrated version of acetone).

2) If that doesn't work, use pure acetone from a hardware store.


I STRONGLY recommend removing the gas cap from the bike first. If you get even a 
drop of acetone on your tank, you will wreck the paint.

Another option is heat. This thread mentions using a small pencil torch. You 
could probably put the entire gas cap upside-down in a toaster oven. You would 
have to remove all the rubber gasket. I wouldn't put it in a real oven just in 
case some gasoline remaining on the cap goes boom. Blowing up a toaster is one 
thing. Blowing up a gas oven would be more complicated.  ;)

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