brake problem

Steve Aronson stevewins at
Thu Jul 17 17:56:42 PDT 2008

Mine leak around the threads.  The mityvac will hold a vacuum with the
bleeder closed for quite a while, but once I crack open the bleeder, I get
lot's of air with the fluid in the tubing.  I've pulled over half a bottle
thru the system with it, and still don't have a good lever.  When I bleed
with just the lever and tubing/cup, no air bubbles come out at the calipers.


> Ernest Montague wrote:
> the bleeders are not leaking around the threads,  the mity vac is
> sucking air around the nipple. Dont worry about it and use the mity vac
> On Jul 17, 2008, at 4:17 PM, Steve Aronson wrote:
> > I'm having a ridiculous problem bleeding my brakes.  I rebuilt the
> > calipers
> > and now I can't get a decent lever. The travel is almost to the
> > handlebar.
> > I've bled the system at the master and the calipers about 15 times
> > now.  No
> > bubbles at the calipers.  Hard to tell at the master since I don't
> > have a
> > bleeder banjo and use the squeeze/crack open over a towel, close,
> > release
> > lever.  I'm using the usual method I always do with the plastic cup
> and
> > tubing at the calipers.  I've done this dozens of times in the past
> > with no
> > problem like this even after changing the lines.   So where is the air
> > hiding?   I'm guessing it's at the top of the lines or in the banjo,
> > but it
> > won't come out.  I've tried tapping with a rubber mallet while pumping
> > the
> > lever, holding in the lever, not touching the lever.  I've tried to
> > suck it
> > out with a mityvac but the bleeders leak around the threads once
> > loosened.
> > I've let it sit overnight with the lever bungeed closed.   Any
> > suggestions?
> >
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