only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?

Jim Stewart js at
Fri Jul 18 11:46:05 PDT 2008

Jo Rhett wrote:
> I figured my gas mileage was a bit low, but after measuring for a month 
> or so it's pretty dead average 45mpg.  I swear I used to get 52mpg on my 
> 2002 before I turned it into a racebike.
> This could all be in the throttle hand, obviously.  But 7mpg seems a bit 
> much for just that.
> Besides cleaning the air filter, anything else I should check?

You could go back to stock jetting. It's much too lean but mileage is better.

I get 45 mpg in the twisties (on my rejetted '01), 50 if we're riding slow (like 
last Sunday on Hwy. 1 with lots of car traffic).



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