only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?

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Stock jetting, I would get 50~55 mpg frequently on my 2000 naked.  This was normal 55mph~60mph riding on back country roads.  Highway, it would drop down to around 48mpg.
Then I rejetted when I added my dual Renegades (152.5 mains, hogged out stock air filter, 17.5 pilots, drilled slide hole, 2.5 turns on the A/F screw, dynojet needle on the third clip) and it was dyno tuned to have the perfect A/F ratio throughout the rev range.  I was getting 45 mpg EVERYWHERE.  No matter, if I rode two up, one up loaded for touring, track days, spirited street, highway...any combo... I always got 45mpg in return.
When I did the 03 intake cam swap, it jumped up to 48mpg everywhere with no changes...but my jetting was off (according to the dyno).  I had to up to 160F/162.5R mains.  And as expected, my mileage decreased to around 44mpg.
Now I have a set of 41mm Kehien FCR's... I really don't care about's just too much fun to ride now.
What I am trying to get at here is...if you have any type of jetting change, open exhaust, etc...  you will get right around 45mpg.  I've seen it on my bike and few other first gen SV's I ride with as well.  If I was to jet for mileage (and rideability second), I would go with the stock setup (oe filter with the snorkle in it, 137.5 mains, 15 pilots at 2.5 turns and stock needle with no shim under it).  But to get a compromise (I have rejetted a few friends to this and they love it).  Stock air filter (snorkle still intact), 140 Mikuni mains, 15 pilot, 3 turns on A/F, drilled slide hole, 1 shim under the needle and stock exhaust.  Runs much better and the throttle response is VERY good.
And who said jetting isn't fun?

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I figured my gas mileage was a bit low, but after measuring for a  
month or so it's pretty dead average 45mpg.  I swear I used to get  
52mpg on my 2002 before I turned it into a racebike.

This could all be in the throttle hand, obviously.  But 7mpg seems a  
bit much for just that.

Besides cleaning the air filter, anything else I should check?

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