only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?

Steve Aronson stevewins at
Fri Jul 18 13:15:34 PDT 2008

My stock 2000 naked used to get 60mpg meandering up A1A at about 45-50 mph
steadily.  Now, with a pipe, 140s, 17.5s, 2 shims and 2.5 turns I get around
40-43 for average riding overall.  That's with a 70 series front, which
throws the odometer off also, probably 10% depending on brand. So it seems
your mileage is about the same as mine.  Strafing alligator alley for an
hour at 90-120, I get about 35- 37, add a passenger and it drops 3 or 4
more. I can still get about 50 doing the slow meandering up A1A.

Wind resistance makes a big difference at speed...when I'm lazy and sit
upright it takes away a few mpg. Adding a Givi screen to my naked added a
couple mpg at speed. Mesh jacket vs solid leather adds a little.  Lose some
weight so you're narrower and that should help ;)


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> I figured my gas mileage was a bit low, but after measuring for a
> month or so it's pretty dead average 45mpg.  I swear I used to get
> 52mpg on my 2002 before I turned it into a racebike.
> This could all be in the throttle hand, obviously.  But 7mpg seems a
> bit much for just that.
> Besides cleaning the air filter, anything else I should check?
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