only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?

Jim Stewart js at
Fri Jul 18 14:17:33 PDT 2008

Dave C wrote:
> I don't get it.  I get about 35-37mpg on my California 2000 with shimmed 
> needles but stock jets, filter, and can.  I have a Targa universal fairing, 
> and also run saddlebags.  I've always had poor mileage on this bike.  (I bought 
> it new).  Am I really just that ham-fisted or is this Targa fairing like driving 
> a piece of plywood?

Geez. That's as bad as the bikes that have had a snorkelectomy. Even with 
saddlebags at 85 mph on the freeway I get 40. My SV-S has shimmed needles (one 
shim), stock mains and pilots, 3 turns on the idle screw. With a Yosh pipe. (I 
don't think a pipe makes much difference in mileage.)

Something's wrong...



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