Zoran -- Two Brothers full system?

zoran zv30 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 18 18:35:08 PDT 2008

actually 2 bros was one of worst.
Leo best,M4 next,than micron,yosh.....
what diameter is your header where muffler goes?in metric.

Zoran Vujasinovic
Twin Works Factory
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Subject: Zoran -- Two Brothers full system?

> Hey Z or anyone else who can chime in . . .
> I remember that you ran comparisons on first gen exhausts.
> I am looking for a full system for my first gen. I have a Hindle
> slip-on right now that needs to be replaced. I really like it (sounds
> awesome) but I can't seem to find a Hindle full system. And I also
> can't find a Leo Vince full system for the first gen. (I think those
> were your two best if I recall). I guess they have stopped making both
> of these.
> There is a Two Brothers full system on ebay. I was just wondering if
> anyone knew how it would stack up.
> Thanks,
> Erik

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