brake problem

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Sat Jul 19 09:00:38 PDT 2008

if you have a spare hanle bar or even a peice of pipe you can mount the 
master onto it so you can garentee that the bleed bolt is at the highest 
point. if you want to use the hold the lever down method use a small bungee 
cord that way as the air bleeds out the lever will collapse towards the 
handle bar and the bungee will still apply pressure, the zip tie wont 
cintinue to put pressure on the lever
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> Steve Aronson wrote:
>> plan is to leave it on the sidestand ...tap it with a
>> mallet every so often ....If that doesn't work I thought of forcing fluid 
>> up the left line with a syringe, anyone tired that before?
> Another vibratory method is to zip tie the handle partway down and trailer 
> the bike around a to the track, for instance. The time 
> bouncing and vibrating on the trailer helps work things out.
> There's also the Phoenix system that pressurizes the lines as you 
> describe:  I've had good luck with that.
> -Wade

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