Penske ride height increment

Erik Weber yoober at
Mon Jul 21 17:59:48 PDT 2008

OK. Can't get to the bike at the moment.

I found the manual. It looks like you would have to go at least 1/2
turn so that the eyelet would be lined up, because the eyelet shaft
has the threads on it. It says you loosen the jam nut, then turn the
eyelet to adjust length, then tighten the jam nut. So again, I'm
guessing 1/2 turn is the minimum. Correct me if I'm wrong.

What I didn't realize though is what Ernie pointed out, that the
adjustment is going to be multiplied in terms of final ride height.

Interestingly, the manual recommends other things for correcting
excessive wheel spin, namely:

1) softer compression
2) increase rear sag
3) slow down the rebound

Those things would certainly be easier to try . . . My intuition told
me that speeding up the rear rebound would be the thing to keep the
rear tire more planted. But it says "rebound can be too fast, allowing
the rear to unload and spin the tire."

On 7/21/08, Jim Stewart <js at> wrote:
> Erik Weber wrote:
> > Heheh, I'm not sure if I'm getting conflicting reports here.
> >
> >
> Try this: unbolt the linkage (leaving the height adjustment nut locked),
> grab the clevis and turn it. The rod rotates in the shock body. Once you
> have the height adjusted to your satisfaction you just turn the clevis/rod.
> -js
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