first gen fork questions

Morgan Jones morgan at
Mon Jul 21 22:23:04 PDT 2008

My first gen track-only bike (it's an ex-WERA race bike) is having fork 
issues.  They forks have been set up I'm told by gmd Computrack.  They 
work too well to be stock so I believe it.

Issue 1: The left fork seal is leaking a bit so I'll be 
disassembling...  I know the forks aren't stock.. how do I decide weight 
and type of oil to use?  Start at 10 and try it?  Any suggested source 
of fork seals?

Issue 2: If you stand in front of the bike, hold the front brake and 
rock it back and forth there's a slight click in the (bike's) right fork 
(not the one leaking).  Anything to be worried about?  What should I 
check while I have it apart to replace the fork seals?



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