only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?

Jo Rhett jorhett at
Tue Jul 22 12:47:17 PDT 2008

I take it from your numbers that before you started jetting it was  
very lean?   And that the only way to get those 50-55mpg numbers is to  
lean it out, perhaps too much?

On Jul 18, 2008, at 12:31 PM, Mike Carter, Jr. wrote:
> Stock jetting, I would get 50~55 mpg frequently on my 2000 naked.   
> This was normal 55mph~60mph riding on back country roads.  Highway,  
> it would drop down to around 48mpg.
> Then I rejetted when I added my dual Renegades (152.5 mains, hogged  
> out stock air filter, 17.5 pilots, drilled slide hole, 2.5 turns on  
> the A/F screw, dynojet needle on the third clip) and it was dyno  
> tuned to have the perfect A/F ratio throughout the rev range.  I was  
> getting 45 mpg EVERYWHERE.  No matter, if I rode two up, one up  
> loaded for touring, track days, spirited street, highway...any  
> combo... I always got 45mpg in return.
> When I did the 03 intake cam swap, it jumped up to 48mpg everywhere  
> with no changes...but my jetting was off (according to the dyno).  I  
> had to up to 160F/162.5R mains.  And as expected, my mileage  
> decreased to around 44mpg.
> Now I have a set of 41mm Kehien FCR's... I really don't care about  
>'s just too much fun to ride now.
> What I am trying to get at here is...if you have any type of jetting  
> change, open exhaust, etc...  you will get right around 45mpg.  I've  
> seen it on my bike and few other first gen SV's I ride with as  
> well.  If I was to jet for mileage (and rideability second), I would  
> go with the stock setup (oe filter with the snorkle in it, 137.5  
> mains, 15 pilots at 2.5 turns and stock needle with no shim under  
> it).  But to get a compromise (I have rejetted a few friends to this  
> and they love it).  Stock air filter (snorkle still intact), 140  
> Mikuni mains, 15 pilot, 3 turns on A/F, drilled slide hole, 1 shim  
> under the needle and stock exhaust.  Runs much better and the  
> throttle response is VERY good.
> And who said jetting isn't fun?
> Mike
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> Subject: only getting 45mpg on 2001 svs?
> I figured my gas mileage was a bit low, but after measuring for a
> month or so it's pretty dead average 45mpg.  I swear I used to get
> 52mpg on my 2002 before I turned it into a racebike.
> This could all be in the throttle hand, obviously.  But 7mpg seems a
> bit much for just that.
> Besides cleaning the air filter, anything else I should check?
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