first gen fork questions

Patrick Mullen pmullen.lists at
Wed Jul 23 11:18:44 PDT 2008

>> So the click is normal?  Is there nothing I should check/adjust/replace
>> while I have it apart?

Depending on the click (none of my bikes have it) the bushings could
be worn, allowing there to be free play.  Make sure the clicking is in
the fork leg, because a more common place for the click is loose
steering head bearings.  This would be indicated by a click/thud after
you come to a stop.  It's easily checked by lifting the front end off
of the ground and pulling the front wheel forward.  If the wheel and
forks pull forward, that's bad.  :)

Worn bushings in the fork would be indicated by seeing through the
copper and an obvious wear pattern.

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