Fwd: group Vapor buy

matthew patton pattonme at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 12:18:37 PDT 2008

Over on the MC Chassis list a group buy is being put together.

--- Brent Prindle <brentp at motobits.com> wrote:
Looks like there is enough quantity to get the bulk discount (US$78) on
Vapor units.

For other TrailTech parts I will go ahead and include them as part of
group buy at cost+10%.  At that cost, the 022-PDA dashboard and 022-SO 
aluminum protector would be $29.70.

The only way to really do this is with PayPal.  I don't want to make
whole group wait for a cheque to clear.

We will use my business PayPal account (support at motobits.com) since it 
offers the best safety to the buyer.

Mailing will be via USPS Priority Mail, with insurance.  Will do a good
guess on weights for prepayment, but will have to be a few ounces
conservative.  Domestic is usually two-three days, international is

by 4Aug            Send the order (part# and description pls), and a
shipping address to support at motobits.com.

by 5Aug            You should have gotten a response with final costs 
shipping.  Pls pay quickly.

by 7Aug            Paid orders submitted to TrailTech


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